Corporate Responsibility

Environment and solutions

The Shared Value proposition plays an important role in all of our environmental protection activities. In the Shared Value approach, the contributions we make to environmental protection and society also enhance the success of our business.
Our climate protection target, which calls for improving our carbon efficiency by 30% over the 2007 baseline by the year 2020, goes hand in hand with this approach. In our effort to reach this target, we develop and implement measures to improve the carbon efficiency of our air and road transport operations as well as that of our buildings and facilities. This approach allows us to uphold our responsibility to the environment and strengthen our own market position all at the same time.
As part of our Go Green strategy we work to improve efficiency. Our principles are the reduction of energy consumption ( “burn less”) and the use of environmentally friendly energy sources and fuels ( “burn clean”). These approaches are used to optimize our locations worldwide: primary we rely on intelligent technology like LED-Lighting, smart meter technology and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems which reduce our energy consumption ( “burn less”).

In order to improve energy management in our buildings, we test and evaluate each site individually and develop targeted efficiency policies that are adapted to each region and the building type.